A statue of Mary Magdalene – a new take on the Virgin as a fertile woman of the harvest – stands firmly rooted in the earth with a halo and an aureole reminiscent of the atom – symbol of the “intelligence of matter” – around her head. In her closed hands shines the radiant sacred seed – symbol of the earthly urge of Virgo to use her hands to create what is useful and tangible. Behind her is a field of grass that morphs into the wheat of harvest through the diamonds of the cathedral geometry. Below her is the golden pinecone – promise of regrowth and symbol of the pineal gland – another nod to Virgo’s focus on the mind as an earth sign ruled by Mercury. The sacred geometry of the ovoid – representing the womb – is more subtle here than in the other pieces just as Virgo tends to favour delicacy and nuance. The surrounding geometry of the cathedral creating a shrine, as well as the balance and symmetry symbolize Virgo’s search for perfection as well as the innate sacredness of the earth and her harvest.

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