A statue of Aphrodite holds a scale on which a heart is balanced against the feather of truth of Maat – mirroring the ritual of judgement from the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead hinting to Libra’s rulership over love, relationships, justice and balance and the fact that matters of the heart might be the most relevant to prepare us for the next phase represented by Scorpio. In the background, a dusky day moving into night can be seen also pointing to the Western point of the natal chart (Descendant) and a hint that Libra starts at an Equinox – a time of balance between the two. The intricacy of the geometric “web” refers to Libra’s cerebral focus and the complexity of the mind. As much as the geometry is balanced from left to right, it is not symmetrically aligned to the architecture to indicate that true equilibrium does not always imply consistency but harmony. The gold frame and colour scheme as well as the beauty of the cathedral architecture point to Libra’s refinement and its penchant for beauty and aestheticism.

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