I chose to “twin” a statue of Hermes/Mercury. I chose an image whereby the Twins would be looking at each other to emphasize Gemini’s desire for outward validation. I set them in a library as a nod to Gemini’s cerebral nature. The allegory part of the piece refers to the objects circling around them: (starting from the upper right and going clockwise) The swallow for flightiness; the book for the penchant for language; the light bulb for the constant flow of ideas; the masks for their love of performance and their dual nature; the globe for their love of movement, the caduceus for their love of the deeper Hermetic mysteries; the ink pot and quill for communication, and the hourglass for their propensity for rushing and “cutting it close”. The key they hold together represents their curiosity and the two locks (one at the top and the other at the bottom of the cathedral ceiling) are because they can rarely make up their mind. They are the only sign to not have a star and instead share the double light of a sparkler to indicate their quicksilver mind. The geometry I chose is the double circle to point to the dual nature which helps create an infinity loop. As Michel Tournier expressed about Gemini: “A plurity of soul in a single body.”

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