The Waterman is pouring the waters of a new dawn into the cup of consciousness – representing the pineal gland – which then overflows into a river imbued with green, aqua and purple (the colours of the higher chakras) which then transforms into sky, bringing together the elements of water and air. He stands before an arch in the shape of the Vesica – the starting point of sacred geometry – and this image represents the connection of Aquarius with the Tarot Card of the World since the impetus of Aquarius is to propel us to new ways of thinking and the future. The star at the top of the arch is a wink to the Tarot card of the same name because Aquarius always brings new hope and inspiration as the embodiment of what Starhawk calls Younger Self. In the background, a white citadel beckons, urging us to move beyond our limitations and limited thinking to manifest a new civilisation, a new way of living on Mother Earth. This call to new life is echoed by the coloured vines climbing the pillars.

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