About Me

Born in France and now living in Canada, I come from an eclectic family with an interesting mix of Jewish Italian, Corsican, Egyptian, and Roma descent. I think I inherited my connection to the esoteric from my DNA! I have been connected to the “dream world” since childhood, and have always felt a deep desire to nurture others and allay their suffering in any way I can. I often say that I had both a privileged and a difficult childhood and I feel the advantages I did have – such as access to quality education, a varied culture filled with amazing food, art and music, as well as the unconditional love of two key people and my cat familiar – have put me in a good position to help others surmount the ordeals they encounter in their life and transmute trauma into strength.

My family life inspired me to strike out on my own at the age of 15 and I very quickly had the immense luck of meeting amazing people who shared their knowledge with me and I was exposed to such modalities as the I Ching, Tantric practice, Tarot, and Astrology, from the beginning of my adventures. Building my sense of self as a free agent fearlessly roaming the world and spending much of my time doing art, music, and dance as well as exploring spiritual and esoteric modalities has shaped me into the woman I am today.

Other modalities came to me organically over the course of my life as I sought to heal my own trauma, such as when I was sitting at a cafe in Vancouver and dropped into a conversation a friend was having with the woman who would change my life and ultimately teach me Applied Meditation; or when I traveled to Australia in 2000 and a Reiki Master saw the potential in me and made me a master/teacher, or when my guides – who have been channeling through me for many years, usually during Tarot or Astrology readings – told me I should look into getting tuning forks made for the human body (I had no idea those existed!) and I discovered the wonders of these sound healing tools!

As for my artwork, I came to digital art from a collage background. I used to cut up National Geographics and collage them to my heart’s content as their style of photography featured what I love most in life: nature, animals, artefact, and tribal people. And then I got very ill in 2004 and after seeing my sister use Photoshop to make me some business cards, I decided to pass the time by trying my hand at this program. What you see on this site is the result of years of (mostly) self-taught exploration which I credit with having led to develop my distinctive style. I am still not a pro but this is one of my favourite things to do and I hope my pieces manage to express the sense of the numinous I feel when I create them.